about us

Aria Pharmed Co., with two decades of experience in the production of plastic parts for the pharmaceutical industry, and with the aim of meeting the needs of this industry, produces more than 500 types of products for pharmaceutical factories. According to the increasing needs of the target community, it is possible to increase the production capacity and product variety.

Aria Pharmed Besov factory with a total infrastructure of 2800 square meters has a 1000 square meter clean room where all the production processes are carried out in this environment.

One of the most important features of this factory is the design and production of all kinds of plastic packaging exclusively for pharmaceutical companies, which is done due to the presence of experienced managers who are familiar with the latest standards in the pharmaceutical industry and the production process of these industries.

The main goal of this factory is to produce new products in sync with the growth of the packaging industry in the pharmaceutical industry, and the biggest sign of this is dozens of products that have been mass-produced for the first time in Iran and this collection.

One of the biggest achievements of this goal setting, which is the result of the 7-year effort of the research and development unit of this collection; Obtaining the production technology and pumice stone is a medicinal suppository.
The core of this company with the initial name of Aria Plastic was formed in 2017 to produce plastic parts for the pharmaceutical industry, and the first ideas were dedicated to the production of products that were not produced in the country at that time.
This group started its first factory in 2010 with the production of 4 products; Then, in 2016, the factory under the new name of Aria Farmed was put into operation in Parand Industrial Town with a complete environment in accordance with GMP standards and by obtaining the necessary permits from the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. Indeed, improving the quality of production of products is the daily need of the pharmaceutical industry.